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01 JANUARY 2024  New Year... Happy will come.


Back in September, in my Rosh Hashana newsletter, the original greeting was

– May in this new year not all hell breaks loose –

I chose not to use it at the time, I thought it to be too dramatic, and rather bleak. Now, seems ironic.




May this new year bring a resolution...



OCTOBER-NOVEMBER 2023 George Minne, Mère pleurant son enfant mort (détail), 1886, plâtre, 45,5 cm. Collection privée (when nothing else make sense.)



31 MARCH 2024 #rothko “I have imprisoned the most utter violence in every square inch of their surface.” @fondationlv



11 DECEMBER 2023 In progress



11 DECEMBER 2023 In progress

15 SEPTEMBER 2023  Shana Tova ▷▾ Good Year


Many firsts and thoughts...

This Rosh Hashana finds me in the midst of moving to Paris from NYC after 13+ years, following a year involving lots of moving parts (some are still moving)...


it's inevitable that this Shana Tova newsletter will reflect my current state of being... (thinking, reading, talking, dreaming, working, and eating the ethos of familiarity). 

Film 02_Frame 09_b&w.jpg

struc·ture | ˈstrək(t)SHər 120 mm b&w, Archival pigment print on FineArt cotton paper,

40 x 40 cm, 2020 - Ongoing


This work created as a catalyst to question the semantics of perception of familiar structures, as well as allude to notions of dislocation, belonging, and the sense of feeling safe, or the lack of it.


struc·ture | ˈstrək(t)SHər - while quiet and elusive - invites deliberation on the subjectivity and reliability of familiar structures in a profoundly challenging time. It is a commentary on real-life societal structures, as much as it’s about fleeting, make-believe ones. The structures in my work can be found nowhere and everywhere. They [the structures] become ghosts of their previous forms or beliefs, and imply obscure narratives and an idea or matter that’s exhausted and been reincarnated.



The poetics of space_B_FLAT.jpg
The poetics of space_C_FLAT.jpg




An excerpt from LA POÉTIQUE DE L’ESPACE by Gaston Bachelard

(in both, Hebrew n' English, speaking of familiarity)

Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.


Shana Tova

Good Year





16 JULY 2023 At the Foundation Louis Vuitton checking out « Basquiat × Warhol, à quatre mains » On my last visit – pre Covid – I was doing a - photo shoot - study of the museum. there was no exhibition, the place was blissfully quiet...


Dog, 1984, Acrylic, silkscreen ink, lipstick, and oil on canvas, Collection particulière | Private collection (Detail)



16 JULY 2023 More of Basquiat × Warhol...

General Electric - White, 1984, Acrylic and silkscreen ink on canvas, Collection particulière | Private collection (Detail)

Blue #2 1916_Watercolor on paper_S.jpg


20 JULY 2023 Taking a break from French bureaucracy, apartment hunting, and art.



02 JULY 2023 It's been an intense couple of months 🥵

Untitled (Tent Door at Night) 1916_Pencil on paper_S.jpg


25 APRIL 2023 Georgia O’Keeffe at the MoMA … modest exhibition, and no flowers ;-) –– Untitled (Tent Door at Night) 1916_Pencil on paper


25 APRIL 2023 Blue #2 1916_Watercolor on paper / Georgia O’Keeffe



17 APRIL 2023 LA POÉTIQUE DE L’ESPACE (1957) by Gaston Bachelard. Paris : Les Presses universitaires de France, 3e édition, 1961 ...for when leaving one home to make a new one.



16 APRIL 2023 #sayinggoodbye #artworkdelivery  –– Field, 2014-2017 120mm, Archival pigment print on FineArt cotton paper

72 x 72 cm, Ed. of 19. A collaboration with Artist Les St. Leon

…In its new home.



10 MARCH 2023 So many moving parts to this move... 



26 FEBRUARY 2023 Great sound. Inspiring. 



24 APRIL 2023 Finally, on Thursday, our belongings began their voyage to Paris.



16 APRIL 2023 #sayinggoodbye #artworkdelivery  –– A Night at The Opéra, 2014-2017 120mm, Archival pigment print on FineArt cotton paper

72 x 72 cm, Ed. of 19. A collaboration with Artist Les St. Leon

…In its new home.



04 APRIL 2023 Someones (as in somethings) found a new home… Au revoir! #timetomakenewmemories #artforsale #artsold

Pre-moving-to-Paris sale of My Playground of Others’ Memories – Framed work – shortly before loading our belongings on a ship heading to France.



10 MARCH 2023 Applying for my European Passport (hashtag exciting hashtag exhusting).



14 FEBRUARY 2023 MOMO by Ohad Naharin // Batsheva Dance Company #foodforthought



26 DECEMBER 2022 in brown mood

187_IMG_5114_Studio_Marseille, FR_09  Dec, 2022.jpg


12 DECEMBER 2022  

186_IMG_5248_Studio_Marseille, FR_09  Dec, 2022.jpg


11 FEBRUARY 2023 Tel-Aviv. #seemsobvious



25 DECEMBER 2022  Author Victor Hugo famously set up self-imposed house arrest to force himself to finish his iconic Hunchback of Notre Dame classic novel. I, un-famously, set up self-imposed house arrest due to Covid, or the flu, or RSV... (Take your pick... some of us put their money on a combo) 

.A chilled-out stroll post... #something.

188_IMG_5268_Studio_Marseille, FR_09  Dec, 2022.jpg


12 DECEMBER 2022  Studio #Marseille

185_IMG_9070A_Back at Marseille Opera_S.jpg


10 DECEMBER 2022  Bach, Musique de Chambre, Opera Marseille. Outside, Marseille is celebrating Morocco making history as the first African or Arab country to ever reach the semi-finals of the World Cup. #coexist #inspiration


12 DECEMBER 2022  

183_IMG_5107_Studio_Marseille, FR_09  Dec, 2022.jpg
184_IMG_5207_Studio_Marseille, FR_09  Dec, 2022.jpg


09 DECEMBER 2022  

182_IMG_5274_Studio_Marseille, FR_09  Dec, 2022.jpg


08 DECEMBER 2022  Introducing yellow into Nuance vocabulary 


09 DECEMBER 2022  #red

180_IMG_8995_Studio Marseille, FR_30 Nove, 2022_S.jpg


06 DECEMBER 2022  This is what frustration looks like...

178_IMG_4997_Studio, Marseille_27 Nov, 2022_S.jpg


27 NOVEMBER 2022  In collaboration.

IMG_4858_Studio_16 November, 2022_S.jpg


16 NOVEMBER 2022  mon atelier à marseille (Oui, also working on my French...🥐☕️🥂).


174_IMG_8924A_1Marseille_06 November, 2022.jpg


06 NOVEMBER 2022  End of something... (too long of a story). Back in the studio.

173_IMG_2735_Studio Marseille_24 June, 2022.jpg
181_IMG_8987_Studio Marseille, FR_30 Nove, 2022_S.JPG


06 DECEMBER 2022  Nuance, 2018-Ongoing

179_IMG_4998_Studio, Marseille_27 Nov 2022_S.jpg


27 NOVEMBER 2022  In collaboration.

IMG_4792_Studio_16 November, 2022_S.jpg


16 NOVEMBER 2022  Nuance, 2018-Ongrowing. In collaboration with Artist Les St. Leon.

IMG_4851A_Studio_16 November, 2022_S.jpg


16 NOVEMBER 2022  #naturallight #atelier #Marseille

172_IMG_2672_Studio, Marseille_23 June, 2022_LR.jpg


11 SEPTEMBER 2022  Flashback to my Marseille studio, summer of 2022.


11 SEPTEMBER 2022  Ditto.



30 JULY 2022 Maria Helena Vieira da Silva (1908-1992) 

Untitled (Marseille)
Fountain pen ink on graph paper


Courtesy Galerie Jeanne Bucher Jaeger, Paris-Lisbonne



03 JULY 2022 Experimenting



03 JULY 2022 Sunday in the studio



30 JULY 2022  Inspiration – Maria Helena Vieira da Silva (1908-1992) at Musée Cantini, Marseille.



03 JULY 2022 Experimenting



03 JULY 2022 Ongoing



15 JUNE 2022 Inspiration. Centre de la Vieille Charité - Exposition Objets migrateurs, trésors sous influence / Migratory objects, treasures under influence (...which made me wonder about the bizarre artifacts that we've already sent into space.)


15 JUNE 2022 Inspiration – Walker Evans (African Masks series) Tirage de reproduction / Reproduction print ©Walker Evans Archive, The Metropolitan Museum of Art / Musée du quai Branly - Jacques Chirac.


10 JUNE 2022 Inspiration. ON AIR: PAM Sound System + Imed Alibi x Khalil ––

@ La Friche, Marseille.

29 APRIL 2022 A minute before I hop on a plane to Europe for my own interpretation of Tour de France... (no bikes, or steroids involved.)

01E_Study of Nuance_April, 2022.jpg


#01, Study of Nuance, Oil and ink on a photograph,

Archival pigment print on FineArt cotton paper, 17.8 x 17.8 cm


May you make the most of this semi-post-Covid, pre-summer, not-quite-optimistic, reasonably pessimistic time. And, if you have anything left in you, check out Study of Nuance my collaborative work with Artist Les St. Leon.



(Post-Europe newsletter will have a glimpse and a link to exciting new architectural work... Am thrilled to have the opportunity to photograph some monumental n' inspiring architecture in the EU.)



28 MARCH 2022 #copacabana #atelier #nyc #fleeting

IMG_6751._S_21 May, 2022JPG.JPG


21 MAY 2022 Inspiration. A Jazz concert at La Friche, Marseille, tribute to Charles Mingus



24 APRIL 2022 In preparation. 



23 MARCH 2022 struc·ture | ˈstrək(t)SHər (Series), 2020-2022, archival pigment print on FineArt cotton paper, 16.5x16.5 inches (42x42 cm), edition of 10

154_09 March 2022_IMG_5865_SQ.jpg


09 MARCH 2022 Liebling Haus - White City Centre.

157_07 March 2022_IMG_7097_S.jpg


07 MARCH 2022 The prints.

156_14 March 2022_IMG_0832_S.jpg


07 MARCH 2022 Another day at the printing studio.

08_28 February 2022_IMG_1681_S.jpg


28 FEBRUARY 2022 The other day at the printing studio

06_28 February, 2022_IMG_5571_SQ_S.jpg


28 FEBRUARY 2022 

04_28 February, 2022_IMG_9426.JPG


28 FEBRUARY 2022 



16 FEBRUARY, 2022 Workation – Printing struc·ture | ˈstrək(t)SHər Rea Print House, TLV.

145_24 January, 2022_IMG_4763_S.JPG
158_07 March 2022IMG_3659_S.jpg


07 MARCH 2022 The prints.

156_07 March 2022_IMG_8098_S.jpg


07 MARCH 2022 The prints.

155_14 March 2022_IMG_4666_S.jpg


07 March 2022 blueprint.

07_28 February 2022_IMG_1043 2_S.jpg


28 FEBRUARY 2022 Proofs.

05_28 February, 2022_IMG_0618.JPG


28 FEBRUARY 2022 

03_23 February, 2022_IMG_4992_S.jpg


23 FEBRUARY 2022 My workspace while in TLV – – The Holy Trinity: Light, light, light.



16 FEBRUARY 2022 Continued.

144_09 January, 2022_IMG_4617_S.jpg


09 JANUARY 2022 Next, curating.


24 JANUARY 2022 The downside of steam heating...

31 DECEMBER 2021 Happy New Year, and

welcome back, world, to another year of an all too familiar state of madness!



May we treat one another – and the world – with kindness.


(Here's my new year's resolution, forget about losing the pandemic weight, let's just lose the pandemic.)


Health & Happiness

143_16 December, 2021_[05]_S.jpg


16 DECEMBER 2021 61°F - NYC - Mid December.

139_14-15 November, 2021_S.jpg


14-15 NOVEMBER 2021 ICFF 2021.

137_14-15 November, 2021_[IMG_4428]_S.jpg


14-15 NOVEMBER 2021 

142_16 December, 2021_[02]_S.jpg


16 DECEMBER 2021 

141_16 December, 2021_[03A]_S.jpg


16 DECEMBER 2021 

140_14-15 November, 2021_[IMG_4422]_S.jpg


14-15 NOVEMBER 2021 After almost a 2 year hiatus, back at ICFF.   — And.. I FEEL GOOD (DA-NA-NA-NA-NAA)! 🎶

138_14-15 November, 2021_[IMG_4450]_S.jpg
135_10 November, 2021_S_[IMG_8180].jpg


10 NOVEMBER 2021 In the midst.

132_06 November, 2021_S.jpg


06 NOVEMBER 2021 Jasper Johns  at The Whitney — Enchanting, inspiring, and quite frankly, unexpected...


14-15 NOVEMBER 2021 

136_10 November, 2021_S_[IMG 8200].jpg


10 NOVEMBER 2021 (Very little to add...)

134_10 November, 2021_IMG_S_[8167].jpg


10 NOVEMBER 2021 Work in progress

30 Oct, 2021_Coming soon outside theaters near you.jpg
133_06 November, 2021_S.jpg


06 NOVEMBER 2021 More of Jasper Johns...


30 OCTOBER 2021 Coming soon outside theaters near you

Stay warm.

The business of cryopreservation, freezing n' storing bodies at deep freeze until well into the future, with the speculative hope that resurrection may be possible, keeps the scientific community busy (and according to The New York Times, got a lot more complicated during the pandemic). 


One wonders, why to go through all the trouble, winter is just around the corner.


Be well.

130_25 October, 2021_S_09_IMG 8133.jpg


25 OCTOBER 2021 Monday. hashtag work-in-progress.

128_10 October 2021_S_[08].jpg


10 OCTOBER 2021 Photo shooting for Laura - DELICIOUS MEMORIES (2021, collaborator: Kristine Diekman) at Essex Market... to be continued.

127_02 October, 2021_[IMG_4143]_S.jpg


02 OCTOBER 2021 Well, hello MoMA! And, welcome back (artist) membership…


30-31 SEPTEMBER 2021 1/4 - Women at work. Photo shooting for Laura Nova her exhibition (In collaboration with Karina_Skvirsky) at The Clemente

125_30-31 September, 2021_[IMG_6640]_S.jpg
123_30-31 September, 2021___[IMG_6873]_S.jpg


30-31 SEPTEMBER 2021 3/4 - Women at work. Photo shooting for Laura Nova her exhibition (In collaboration with Karina_Skvirsky) at The Clemente

121_26 September, 2021_IMG_4052_S.jpg


26 SEPTEMBER 2021 My favorite work by far at the Affordable Art Fair.

Mauricio Morillas, “PATH”, mixed media with acrylic, sculpted board, metal wire and resin on wood panel, 34 x 12 inches

119_22 September, 2021_[IMG_6538].jpg


22 SEPTEMBER 2021 First day of autumn. I’m gonna squeeze any possible minute from my outdoor studio space before first day of winter…



11 SEPTEMBER 2021 Art on Paper, NYC art week(end) is back after a long (COVID) intermission.

01_Nuance_A Pattern Has to Be Made First #04_S.jpg


06 SEPTEMBER 2021 A Pattern Has to Be Made First #03, Nuance, Oil and ink on 120 mm color photograph, Archival pigment print on FineArt cotton paper, 17.25 x 17.25 inches (43.8 x 43.8 cm), In collaboration with Artist Les St. Leon.



01 SEPTEMBER 2021 Nuance, work in progress. 

113_28 August, 2021_[IMG_3848)_S.jpg


28 AUGUST 2021 Nuance.

109_13 August, 2021_S.jpg
131_28 October, 2021_S_[IMG_4236].JPG


28 OCTOBER 2021 Experimenting.

129_25 October, 2021_S_10_IMG 8152.jpg


25 OCTOBER 2021 (Still) Monday. 

126_02 October, 2021_[IMG_4128]_S.JPG


02 OCTOBER 2021 Saturday morning with Artist’s Choice: Yto Barrada—A Raft.

- Gego (Gertrud Goldschmidt)
Venezuelan, born Germany. 1912-1994
Stainless steel and copper 

124_30-31 September, 2021_[IMG_6748]_S.jpg


30-31 SEPTEMBER 2021 2/4 - Women at work. Photo shooting for Laura Nova her exhibition (In collaboration with Karina_Skvirsky) at The Clemente

122_30-31 September, 2021__[IMG_6619]_S.jpg


30-31 SEPTEMBER 2021 4/4 - Women at work. Photo shooting for Laura Nova her exhibition (In collaboration with Karina_Skvirsky) at The Clemente

120_26 September, 2021_IMG_4066_S.jpg


26 SEPTEMBER 2021 Re the Affordable Art Fair. A bit troubled by its name… reducing the significance of the artwork to its cost (similar to ‘small work’ exhibitions). With that said, there was a lot of visual noise to cut through in order to come across a few treasures. I guess, this is par for the course.

118_22 September, 2021_[IMG_6557].jpg


22 SEPTEMBER 2021 Continued.



11 SEPTEMBER 2021 my favorite work in the fair, by far…  

Artists; Susanna Carlisle + Bruce Hamilton, Spinnaker, 2020, Archival paper, birch and string in maple frame with Optium, museum acrylic 

17 x 19.5 x 3 inches (43.2 x49.5 x 7.6 cm)

Screen Shot 2021-09-09 at 10.55.39 AM.png


06 SEPTEMBER 2021 L'Shanah Tovah (For a Good Year)


PS - There's also a study about the neural mechanisms of illusory truth... for another time.



28 AUGUST 2021 Nuance, work in progress. 

110_21 August, 2021_S.JPG


21 AUGUST 2021 There are a lot of firsts nowadays... Saturday night at Film Forum for the screening of THE MACALUSO SISTERS (Written n' Dir by Emma Dante, 2020, Italy). Poetry...


13 AUGUST 2021 First visit to the movies since COVID hit town… for the screening of the German documentary The Meaning of Hitler at the JCC rooftop. Followed by an in-person Q+A with filmmakers, Petra Epperlein and Michael Tucker.

109_08 August, 2021_S.JPG


08 AUGUST 2021 Two of her works that I really like. Though, I have an ambivalent relationship with retrospectives… 

02_Studio_16 July, 2021_S.jpg


16 JULY 2021 TGIF. 



09 JULY 2021 Friday

04 July, 2021_IMG_3536.jpeg


04 JULY 2021 A heartfelt goodbye...  🖤💚💛💜🤍💙🧡🤎❤️ Will miss his hearts. #Inspiration #nycdigs #colorfulstreets

01 July, 2021_IMG_A3493_S.jpg


01 JULY 2021 Huguette Caland: Tête-à-Tête at The drawing Center, downtown Manhattan, through Sept 19. 



28 JUNE 2021 My little corner of the world.... spot-on captured by Les.

08_Studio_24 June, 2021_S.jpg


24 JUNE 2021 Work in progress - 02 

#structure #naturallight #nyc #studiotime



23 JUNE 2021 Solo time in the studio. Working on struc·ture | ˈstrək(t)SHər

110_08 August, 2021_S.JPG


08 AUGUST 2021 Julie Mehretu's retrospective exhibition at The Whitney.

108_17 July, 2021_S.jpg


17 JULY 2021 (Every once awhile you need it...) Repost -- ...Em 2013 a SE7E foi selecionada pelo prêmio ICFF Studio Award, uma plataforma dedicada à jovens designers em Nova Iorque, EUA. 


06_16 July, 2021_S.jpg


16 JULY 2021   Priceless real estate - studio extension.



09 JULY 2021 #studio.

04 July, 2021_IMG_3538.jpg


04 JULY 2021 Hearts.

01 July, 2021_IMG_A3495_S.jpg


01 JULY 2021 Caland: “I chose to work in a very tedious way and the more time I spend on a piece the better it is. It keeps the mind free and the hands busy. At my age you don’t want anything more than that.”

(Sometimes so true...)

04_Studio_24 June, 2021_S.jpg


24 JUNE 2021 Work in progress - 01 

#structure #naturallight #nyc #studiotime

01_Studio_24 June, 2021_S.jpg


24 JUNE 2021 Work in progress - 03 

#structure #naturallight #nyc #studiotime

IMG_3427_16 June, 2021.jpg


16 JUNE 2021 In the studio.... am trying to figure it out.



25 MAY 2021 Work in progress...

25 May, 2021_S.jpg


25 MAY 2021 Work in progress. Mixed media. 

Happy Spring 16B.jpg


26 APRIL 2021 Happy (I mean HAPPY!) Spring-summer-fall-anytihng-but-winter-!!! (Hello sanity, sayonara winter!)



03 APRIL 2021 My new studio. The 1/2 A Room of One's Own version...



13 FEBRUARY 2021 Grey. Nuance, work in progress.

13 January, 2021_S.jpg


13 JANUARY 2021 Found objects.

02 January, 2021 2.jpeg


02 JANUARY 2021 struc·ture | ˈstrək(t)SHər | - Ongoing

NYE 2020.jpg


01 JANUARY 2021 Adieu 2020, hello 2021!

(New Year's Eve with my imaginary friends...)

Needless to say, it's been a strange year... Here's to a new one, with the hope of getting over this pretty substantial hiccup...

Wishing us all better days ahead, the kind of days we can complain about les petites misères de la vie humaine... you know, like the climate crisis, clean energy, and the new Tarantino.


 Healthy New Year 


22 DECEMBER 2020 struc·ture | ˈstrək(t)SHər |


18 NOVEMBER 2020 Nuance

03_September 2020.jpg

12 OCTOBER 2020 Spending the winter, secluded, working in the studio — our own interpretation of vitamin C.



29 APRIL 2021 Goya exhibition at the Met. After a year of madness, who’s better to see in celebration of human lunacy...

13 April, 2021_IMG_2957_S.jpg


13 APRIL 2021 Honey, I'm home...

19 Feb, 2021_IMG_2563.JPG


19 FEBRUARY 2021 In the studio...

05 February, 2021 2.jpeg


05 FEBRUARY 2021 Working on struc·ture | ˈstrək(t)SHər |, inspired by the sounds of Ornette Coleman, playing in Morocco alongside the Master Musicians of Jajouka. 

"This means the rhythm, harmonies and tempos are all equal in relationship and independent melodies at the same time."

Ornette Coleman, March 15, 1977

10 January, 2021.jpg


10 JANUARY 2021 Into the Clouds: New Media Art 2021 was released. Waiting for my hard copy to arrive!! Featured, among some really great artists, our work 'My Playground of Others' Memories'.

Produced by CICA Press, Gimpo, Korea

ISBN 979-11-88671-15-1 03600 (paperback)

ISBN 979-11-88671-16-8 05600 (ebook)

Paperbook, E-Book

248 Pages


Leejin Kim

© 2020 CICA Press, Gimpo, Korea

01 January, 2021_S 2.jpeg


01 JANUARY 2021 Les. Nuance (work in progress) - Warping.


27 DECEMBER 2020 Drying em up (back in the darkroom).


03 DECEMBER 2020 struc·ture | ˈstrək(t)SHər |

Sigal's studio_IMG_2079.jpg

17 NOVEMBER 2020 struc·ture | ˈstrək(t)SHər |





And may all your days be circus days! quote the ring leader from my days traveling with the circus in Australia. I think I finally understand what he’s talking about.

L'Chaim, for a more make sense year!

13 AUGUST 2020 an anticipated surprise, if that can be a thing... catalogue (x2) from exhibition (x2) in Italy (Rome) arrived ✈️🇮🇹📦

02_CICA Museum_ISVC2020.jpg


19 SEPTEMBER 2020 Thought provoking. 

Screen Shot 2020-09-10 at 1.56.15 PM.png


10 SEPTEMBER 2020 The International Symposium for Visual Culture goes online!! September 19th, 2020 via Zoom and Facebook Live. 

Featuring: Sigal Ben-David & Les St. Leon, William A. Brown, Min young Kang, Eliseo Ortiz, Agatha Park, Jennifer Sova & Jeanne Donegan.


 Organized by CICA MUSEUM

Summer in the city 2020.jpg


03 AUGUST 2020 Summer of 2020, New York City

Embracing the outdoors! (Big Italy, little Italy... it's all the same.)

Enjoy the rest of the summer... In fact, if we ignore the critter, the face masks, the social distancing, the closed museums n' theaters, the ban on traveling, and the freakish frequent use of hand sanitizer... it's actually a pretty lovely summer!

06_The Essential exhibition.jpg

13 AUGUST 2020 CATALOGUE | The Essential Exhibition | LoosenArt + MILLEPIANI Art Space | Rome, Italy


26 MAY 2020 Just received photos from the exhibition at CICA MUSEUM (Seoul, South Korea).


27 JULY 2020 I had the opportunity to photoshoot The Oculus downtown Manhattan, back in March just before the lockdown began. If anything, post editing while in lockdown helped keeping me semi-sane throughout these crazy times


18 JUNE 2020 I can't breathe...


26 MAY 2020 Another take - photos from the exhibition.


19 APRIL 2020 Studies.

speed 400_April-2020_coronavirus-layers-to-gif.gif


09 APRIL 2020 PS - Don't forget the daily exercise... 


This was my greeting to you back in January: Salut for 2020, May this year be a darn good looking year!


Now, fast forward, April 2020...  Forget about looking good.  


L'Chaim! (Literally translated to To Life)



Hmm... apparently, working out sharpens your memory. Well, forget about the daily exercise


10 MARCH 2020 Bummer... ISVC postponed until September 2020 due to COVID-19. Let's hunker down, and hope for the best.

04_ISVC 2020.jpg

17 FEBRUARY 2020 Here’s the info for the INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM FOR VISUAL CULTURE... hot out of the oven! 

CAUSTIC FROLIC_02Blur+Grain.jpg

17 DECEMBER 2019 Caustic Frolic journal, Experimental Humanities & Social Engagement @ New York University, Volume IV, Fall 2019 issue - I Am an Alien, 2017, Archival pigment print on FineArt cotton paper, 72x24in.

IMG_8949_Studio Rea_Dec, 2019.jpg


09 DECEMBER 2019 Proofs.

16_19 November_Studio_S.jpg

19 NOVEMBER 2019 Voilà!


19 APRIL 2020 Sunday afternoon in our petit studio.

Picnic on the Hudson.jpg

13 MARCH 2020 Now that they're closing down the city, picnic-with-friends on the Hudson provided a perfect dose of sanity! If we’re doomed anyway, might as well go out in style… with great conversations, a glass of rosé, a wholesome bread n’ craft hummus. It feels a bit eerie… though, New York City in the spring without the tourists is kinda... hmm... well... nice. 🥖🍓🥂


31 DECEMBER 2019 From our HQ's... 
Salut for 2020, may this year be a darn good looking year!

02_Rea Studio_TLV_Dec, 2019-S.JPG

12 DECEMBER 2019 Printing 'Nuance' at Rea's print house, TLV.

13_19 November_Studio_S.jpg

19 NOVEMBER 2019 Photoshooting

22_19 November_Studio_S.jpg

19 NOVEMBER 2019 Photoshooting.



15 NOVEMBER 2019 C-O-L-O-R-S-!


15 NOVEMBER 2019 Nuance, ongoing.

Pic 03.jpg


15 AUGUST 2019 Drying wool on the fire escape… L-I-G-H-T☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️

Pic 02.jpg


15 AUGUST 2019 



04 JUNE - 19 JUNE 2019 Morocco | məˈrɒkoʊ | المغرب‎

Studio_31 May, 2019_02.jpg


30 MAY 2019 Love working on the roof in the early morning hours, the air is so crisp...



06 MAY 2019 An extension of the studio...

Rosh-Hashana_Septmber 2019.gif




L'shanah tovah!  [leʃaˈna toˈva]  !לְשָׁנָה טוֹבָה 

According to Scientific American journal, sarcasm spurs creative thinking, and stimulates new ideas. Well... in that case - L'chaim, for a bright and glorious future!


"The future influences the present just as much as the past." – Friedrich Nietzsche

Pic 01.jpg


15 AUGUST 2019 



15 JULY 2019 Experimenting with dyeing wool - Stains.

Miyazaki Chair Factory - 02A+Filter Grain 65_65.jpg


03 JUNE 2019 Two minutes to summer... 


Also, all sorts of new stuff on my site (since we last spoke.)

So, grab a lemonade, park it in the shade, and check it out!


Have a wonderful summer! And the living is easy...

(Miyazaki Chair Factory)

IMG_0619 _ S.jpg


16 MARCH 2019 Repetition.



05 MARCH 2019 You can now follow me via Insta @sigal_bd     

Journal _ Studio_05.jpg

27 JANUARY 2019 Photoshooting.

Journal _ Studio_02.jpg

25 JANUARY 2019 In the studio, working on 'Nuance'

studio 01_S.jpg

27 OCTOBER 2018 Nuance [work in progress]



25 APRIL 2019 Praise the roof! #NYC #studio #mulberrystreet


15 MARCH 2019 Pattern. 

Journal _ Studio_06.jpg

27 JANUARY 2019 Photoshooting.

Journal _ Studio_04.jpg

27 JANUARY 2019 Photoshooting.

Happy New Year 2019.jpg



"Badges? We ain't got no badges! We don't need no badges! 

I don't have to show you any stinking badges!"


(The Treasure of The Sierra Madre / Dir: John Huston) 


Have a wicked new year! 


20 OCTOBER 2018 OPENING RECEPTION - Seen and Unseen exhibition at Collective Gallery, Woodstock, NY.


20 OCTOBER 2018 OPENING RECEPTION - Seen and Unseen exhibition!

20 OCTOBER 2018 OPENING RECEPTION - Seen and Unseen exhibition!

pic 20-S.jpg
pic 26-S.jpg


18 OCTOBER 2018 Jicky (owner n' curator) on installation day.


18 OCTOBER 2018 Installation day of Seen and Unseen at Collective Gallery. 

pic 41-S.jpg
pic 14-S.jpg


18 OCTOBER 2018 Les on installation day... (looking a little bit raggedy). 


18 OCTOBER 2018 Collective Gallery, Woodstock, NY - Seen and Unseen exhibition. 



07 OCTOBER 2018 OPENING RECEPTION - Through Compassionate Eyes exhibition at The Charter Oak Cultural Center Gallery, Hartford, CT.

03_Memories exhibition.jpg


05 OCTOBER 2018 Opening today, 6pm. MEMORIES: FROM THE EXPERIENCE TO THE CONSTRUCTION OF THE PAST, a group exhibition at Millepiani Art Space in Rome, Italy. 

EXHIBITIONS - October 2018 - S.jpg
Fondation Cartier pour l'Art Contemporain 12A.jpg


04 SEPTEMBER 2018 Inspiring - An exhibition of.Junya Ishigami, Freeing Architecture, Fondation Cartier pour l'Art Contemporai, through 09 Sept.



04 JULY 2018 Happy summer! 


3-ingredient Piña Colada recipe



- 3 cups frozen pineapple chunks

- 1/3 cup white rum

- 2/3 cup coconut milk



Combine all ingredients together in a blender, and puree until smooth.  

Serve immediately, topped with cherries n' paper umbrella.


* * *


While sipping (before you get too cockeyed), have a look at my recent work(s) on the design page.




Greetings n' Happy Autumn! I'm in the following exhibitions, which you may want to jot down in your diary (though perhaps not the one in which you confess masses of mushiness) –

THROUGH COMPASSIONATE EYES  –  A group exhibition presented by the Jewish Art Salon at The Charter Oak Cultural Center in Hartford, CT. 

Opening reception: Sunday, October 7th, 2018, 1:30-4:30 PM. Panel discussion on the intersection of animal rights and Jewish texts 3-4 PM. 

On display through November 2nd, 2018.


Transatlantically – Rome, Italy – My work ‘Gathering' (a collaboration with Artist Les St Leon) will be on show in a group exhibition entitled MEMORIES: FROM THE EXPERIENCE TO THE CONSTRUCTION of THE PAST, curated by LOOSENART magazine, hosted by MILLEPIANI.

Opening reception: Friday, October 5th, 2018, 6 PM. 


On display through November 1st, 2018.

Back in New York - Delighted to participate in a group exhibition entitled SEEN AND UNSEEN at Collective gallery in Woodstock, NY. This will be the first weighty appearance of the project “My Playground Of Others’ Memories” (a collaboration with Artist Les St Leon).

Opening reception: Saturday, October 20th, 2018, 5-8 PM.

On display through November 26th, 2018.


And, as you pile up on the frequent flyer miles, another exhibition coming up across the pond... (Something to do with my work “I Am an Alien”, a group exhibition, and the month of November.) 


More details to follow soon! Happy trails!



תשע״ח - Yesterday's news! Here's to tomorrow today.



30 MARCH 2018 EXCITING THINGS! (relatively speaking) 


The project My Plaground of Others' Memories has been printed.

And now cooking up some exhibitions - Will keep you posted!

STUDIO 05.jpg


08 FEBRUARY - 13 MARCH 2018 Proofs

STUDIO 03A.jpg


08 FEBRUARY - 13 MARCH 2018 Proofing process pre-printing em large, 

A-STUDIO 01.jpg


08 FEBRUARY - 13 MARCH 2018 Sigal.

04 - BW.jpg


08 FEBRUARY - 13 MARCH 2018 TLV. Soul searching journey. Les n' Pini. 

23 - BW.jpg


08 FEBRUARY - 13 MARCH 2018 TLV. Soul searching journey. Vertigo at Suzanne Dellal.

14 - BW.jpg


08 FEBRUARY - 13 MARCH 2018 TLV. Soul searching journey. Imperial Cocktail Bar, having a drink with Karni.

01_Digital sketch.jpg


13 MAY 2018 Digital sketches for NUANCE.

B-STUDIO 04.jpg


08 FEBRUARY - 13 MARCH 2018 Printing em large, the series My Playground of Others' Memories @ Rea Print House in TLV.

B-STUDIO 02.jpg


08 FEBRUARY - 13 MARCH 2018 Printing em large, the series My Playground of Others' Memories @ Rea Print House in TLV.

STUDIO 01.jpg


08 FEBRUARY - 13 MARCH 2018 Les.

20 - BW.jpg


08 FEBRUARY - 13 MARCH 2018 TLV. Soul searching journey. At Oasis (Rima's violet martini).

09 - BW.jpg


08 FEBRUARY - 13 MARCH 2018 TLV. Soul searching journey. Elad's studio.

12 - BW.jpg


08 FEBRUARY - 13 MARCH 2018 TLV. Soul searching journey. Gonn and I.

27 - BW.jpg


08 FEBRUARY - 13 MARCH 2018 TLV. Soul searching journey. Ayal n' Elad, "driving" the street boat - designed by Elad+Felix.

26 - BW.jpg


08 FEBRUARY - 13 MARCH 2018 TLV. Soul searching journey. Elad and I, cruising through TLV on the street boat - designed by Elad+Felix.

30 - BW.jpg


08 FEBRUARY - 13 MARCH 2018 TLV. Soul searching journey. Protest.

17 - BW.jpg


08 FEBRUARY - 13 MARCH 2018 TLV. Soul searching journey. Rima.






At long last, my newly-designed website is up and in full sail!

I hope you take a moment to check it out.

(It will be swell if all those non-billable hours spent learning, studying, tweaking, adjusting, coding and online-mingling with anti-social webbie's were worth it.)



01 DECEMBER 2017 Opening reception - Exhibition at Limner Gallery, Hudson, NY

October, 2017.jpg


18 OCTOBER 2017 Although, I am long past my hanger-fetish, I couldn't resist and grab them. I gave it a week before I finally ditched them. Needless to say, some things are better left in the past.

01_August, 2017.jpg


AUGUST 2017 Another attempt to figure out what to do with the bears! In this plunge, we dipped the bears' furry "skin" in plaster-of-paris. Voilà!





According to science, alcohol blocks the brain's ability to form new memories. Well… needless to say, alcoholism is the best thing that happened to 2017.


Let’s raise our glasses high and toast for 2018!!!

04_Limner Gallery Exhibition-S.jpg


01 DECEMBER 2017 Opening reception - Exhibition at Limner Gallery, Hudson, NY

Rosh Hashana תשעײח.jpg



April, 2017.jpg


APRIL 2017 White Wedding... ongoing. 

03_July, 2017.jpg


JULY 2017 It makes me think of David Lynch's Elephant Man

03_February, 2017.jpg



March, 2017.jpg


MARCH 2017 My voodoo immigration doll. Faceless and featureless creatue. Shredded (immigration) documents, shower curtain, thread.

02_October, 2016.jpg


OCTOBER 2016 Apparently, it's quite a messy job to un-stuff stuffed bears.

Rosh Hashana תשע_ז.jpg



February, 2017.jpg



01_October, 2016.jpg
03_Septmenber, 2016.jpg


SEPTEMBER 2016 Digital sketches of the FIELD image. Experimenting with all sorts of semi-conventional modi operandi.


OCTOBER 2016 Un-stuffing the bears. 

02_September 2016, .jpg
04_April, 2016.jpg


APRIL 2016 A forced cookery of imaginary beauties, a series of mighty marvellous facts, which, spreading an air of fiction through the whole, all in course weaken that interest and regard never paid but to truth, or the appearances of truth; and are only fit to give a false and adulterated taste of passion, in which a simple sentiment is superior to all their forced productions of artificial flowers. (J. Cleland, Coxcomb, op. cit., p. 47-48.)

Rosh Hashanah - September 2015.jpg




"I know what you're thinkin'. 'Did he fire six shots or only five?' Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement, I've kinda lost track myself. But being as this is a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world, and would blow your head clean off, you've got to ask yourself one question: 'Do I feel lucky?' Well, do ya punk?"   


Dirty Harry (1971)



March, 2016.jpg


MARCH 2016 Reconstruction.

Film 002 - Frame 01-015.jpg



Displacement, 35mm b&w. Work in progress.

February, 2017.jpg


FEBRUARY 2015 The number 42 is the "Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything" (The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams) - Unfortunately, no one knows what the question is.

02_February, 2015.jpg

MARCH 2015

October, 2014.jpg


OCTOBER 2014  My Playground of Others' Memories, work in progress.

JANUARY 2015.jpg

JANUARY 2015 New Year's Eve. Shirtless.



Studio cleaning.jpg

APRIL 2014 Don't-hold-your-breath-for-Spring Sale!

MARCH 2013.jpg

MARCH 2013 It's a lot of work being 40!

SEPTMBER 2013.jpg


ROSH HASHANA תשעײב.jpg


exhibition Artness Gallery.jpg
New Year 2013.jpg




MAY 2011 My work in Haaretz Magazine | Galeria.

26)Artness Gallery.jpg

APRIL 2011 Opening reception - Exhibition at Artness Gallery.

APRIL 2011 Opening reception - Exhibition at Artness Gallery.


APRIL 2011 Goodbye Tel-Aviv! Hello NYC!

PARTY !!! - Flat - FINAL.jpg


APRIL 2011 Leaving Tel-Aviv

03 Exhibition, 2010.jpg

NOVEMBER 2010 Opening reception - Exhibition at The French Cultural Center. Curator: Yossi Nahmias.

04 Exhibition, 2010.jpg

NOVEMBER 2010 Opening reception - Exhibition at The French Cultural Center. Curator: Yossi Nahmias.

Independence Day Eve, 2010.jpg

APRIL 2010

14)Artness Gallery.jpg

APRIL 2011 Opening reception - Exhibition at Artness Gallery.

01 Exhibition, Tel-Hai 2010.jpg

NOVEMBER 2010 Installation day - Exhibition at the Tel-Hai Open Museum of Photography.

01 Exhibition, 2010.jpg

NOVEMBER 2010 Opening reception - Exhibition at The French Cultural Center. Curator: Yossi Nahmias.