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Untitled / 2009


In this new body of work, entitled Untitled, a living space devoid of personal characteristics, which may indicate a monastic way of life, or perhaps provisional residence. Alternatively, the photograph may be seen as a documentation of a gallery space that contained residue of an installation or a sculpture.


The second part of her exhibition is a photograph of a jar with dry flowers coated with a delicate crust placed on a table.


In addition, Ben David presents two portraits of a man in a posture that resembles a police photograph: one in a frontal view and the other in a profile. The photographs, however, deviate from the police convention: the man's gaze is soft and his body exposed, his face bearded in one picture and shaved in the other.

Ben-David continues to examine the coexistence of opposing forces and elements and the inextricable balance between them. Chance and control, sequence and amputation, decay and embalming, and presence and emptiness are continually in conflict in her work. For Ben-David, these dualities are a metaphor for the transitory nature of life, the uncertainties which are also a complimentary essentials.

Curators (and mentors): David Daniel, Noa Zait

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