struc·ture | ˈstrək(t)SHər / 2020 - Ongoing

This work created as a catalyst to question the semantics of perception of familiar structures, as well as allude to notions of dislocation, belonging, and the sense of feeling safe, or the lack of it.


struc·ture | ˈstrək(t)SHər - while quiet and elusive - invites deliberation on the subjectivity and reliability of familiar structures in a profoundly challenging time. It is a commentary on real-life societal structures, as much as it’s about fleeting, make-believe ones. The structures in Ben-David's work can be found nowhere and everywhere. they [the structures] become ghosts of their previous forms or beliefs, and imply obscure narratives and an idea or matter that’s exhausted and been reincarnated.


This ongoing series consists of b&w and color medium format photographs, through which Ben-David continues to employ existing artifacts, and original installations to explore the visual, psychological, and formal prospects of the photographic image.